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Celebrate July 4th with Americana Wear from PB&J

Get your little ones ready to party like it's 1776!! 
We have AMERICANA WEAR at Peanut Butter & Jelly
The Beaufort Bonnet Company TBBC Preppy Patriot
The Beaufort Bonnet Company's Preppy Patriot Collection
is available by phone sale. Call 910-256-4554 and we will ship!
James & Lottie Darby Dog patriotic puppy love
James and Lottie's Darby Dog Collection is full of
Little English Flag Apron Dress red white and blue american
Florence Eiseman John John reversible sailboat and anchor
This Little English seersucker apron dress is as
charming as it is classic! We ship!
Feltman Brothers sailor dress navy white
Feltman Brothers has been a symbol for tradition and quality workmanship since being founded in 1916. Worn by many generations of children, their brand remains a standard of excellence. 
Bailey Boys Whale stars and stripes bubble dress john john
These are perfect for sibling outfits or a family photo shoot!
Bailey Boys Whale Collection
Florence Eiseman sailboat anchor john john
Florence Eiseman makes this adorable John John. But the best part;
IT'S REVERSIBLE!! Two outfits for the price of one!
The Proper Peony Stewart Sailboat collection red white and blue
The Proper Peony Stewart Sailboat Collection is available
via phone sale. Call 910-256-4554. We Ship!
Gretchen Scott red white and blue stripes
Sassy and stylish! Gretchen Scott resort wear 
is now available in kid sizes!