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The Beaufort Bonnet Company

Why We Stock The Beaufort Bonnet Company Quality Children's Clothing?

The Beaufort Bonnet Company creates upscale quality children's clothing using heirloom patterns. The Beaufort Bonnet Company was born from the sensibility of a Beaufort South Carolina mother and continues to exceed their customer's expectations in the arena of quality children's clothing. While their story is captivating, their quality continues to speak for itself. The heirloom patterns they use to create their clothing have graceful lines. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and are delighted to offer special ordering as well as gift wrap and delivery services.

What makes The Beaufort Bonnet Company so special?

The enduring commitment to quality that began from humble and classic origins in the low country of Beaufort South Carolina. A new mother received an adorable perfectly cut bonnet to shield her soon to be born child from the summer sun. The bonnet was wrapped in a sweet pink bow and the pattern was adored by the attendees. Years later a second mother discovered the pattern and found the same reaction from her circle and a journey was begun.

Is it their timeless style? Their sweet, adorable prints? Their quality? The sense of heirloom clothing?

 It’s all of the above, but there’s something more, a “secret ingredient” if you will, that makes them the most sought after children's brand. They understand their customers. They’re poised and ready to provide what moms are seeking. The Beaufort Bonnet Company provides lifestyle clothing. Their recognizable brand appeals to mothers and grandmothers. It’s a classic style with a modern twist. 

Timeless Style


Sweet, Adorable Prints





Heirloom Clothing



These are the things that make The Beaufort Bonnet Company awesome!

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